Philip F. Clark / NYC / Poet

Philip is a wonderful Poet and a dear friend of Mullenberg Designs. So naturally we were more than happy to build a house for his collection of Poems: The Carnival of Affection.

Clamshell Box with Drop-in Logo

exterior in progress…

Philip F Clark Mullenberg Designs Clamshell Presentation Box

Philip F Clark Poet Clamshell Presentation Box built by Mullenberg DesignsPhilip F. Clark / NYC / Poet

An Orphan of Fire

I am an orphan of fire and

a seer eye; a rank coil

of panic rummaging

in a satchel of curses

and curiosity.

I break your flesh

and make music

on the harp of your bones.

To love me back requires

an avid mouth.

Longing is the air I eat.

-Philip F. Clark

Read more of Philip’s Poetry: The Poet’s Grin

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