Cover Materials: Color, Texture & Finish

At Mullenberg Designs we offer a wide array of cover materials to customize your Portfolio Presentation. We separate our cover materials into three categories: Coated, Uncoated and Leatherette.

Coated Fabrics:Mullenberg Designs Cover Fabrics: coated

Coated: These ‘coated’ fabrics are 100% cotton. They are durable and have a contemporary look and feel. They are treated with an aqueous coating making them stain and mildew resistant and easy to clean with the wipe of a damp cloth. These fabrics pair nicely with either the Uncoated or Leatherette fabrics.

Uncoated Fabrics:Mullenberg Designs Cover Fabrics: uncoated

Uncoated: These high quality, 100% rayon book cloth fabrics have a natural finish. They offer the look and feel of linen and come in a variety of colors. Note that the lighter colors are more vulnerable to staining so we recommend using them for interior cover materials. These fabrics pair nicely with the Coated and Leatherette fabrics.

Leatherette Fabrics:Mullenberg Designs Cover Fabrics: leatherette

Leatherette: A polyurethane cover material with a look and feel of calfskin. Durability and easy clean-up make this fabric a great choice for a cover material. These fabrics pair nicely with the Coated and Uncoated fabrics and take a beautiful blind deboss.

Mixing and Matching Fabrics

Changes in fabric texture and color can make for a dynamic Portfolio Presentation. Check out these awesome fabric and color combinations:


For a more understated Portfolio Presentation consistency in Cover Materials is key. Check out these elegant solutions:


Order Swatches 

Find out more about the different styles of Portfolios we build: Portfolio Style: 3-Piece or Full Case? | 207 602 1571 |


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