Mushaboom Design: Textile Print Portfolio

Barry Roode of Mushaboom Design contacted us at Mullenberg Designs for a special project. He needed a branded portfolio to showcase his gorgeous textile prints. We built out this custom structure just for him!

Textile Design Print Portfolio


Sneak a peek at Mushaboom’s gorgeous collection of textile prints!


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Brouj Photography: Full-Case Portfolio and Slipcase

Full-Case Print Portfolio and Custom Slipcase built by Mullenberg Designs for Brouj Photography.



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Featured Artist: Rose Marasco #Maine

Prolific Maine Artist: Rose Marasco came to Mullenberg Designs to build a house for her Photographic series: New York City Pinhole. Energetic and haunting these pinhole photographs capture the perpetual movement of the city.Screen Shot 2017-12-12 at 12.43.28 PMWe built Rose a 2-Piece Clamshell Presentation Box with a 2 -fabric cover to house this special collection of photographic prints.Artist-Rose-Marasco_Clamshell-presentation-built-by-Mullenberg-Designs_01Screen Shot 2017-12-12 at 1.05.34 PMArtist-Rose-Marasco_Clamshell-presentation-built-by-Mullenberg-Designs_02Screen Shot 2017-12-12 at 1.05.59 PMArtist-Rose-Marasco_Clamshell-presentation-built-by-Mullenberg-Designs_03

See more of Rose Marasco’s work on her website:

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3-Piece Portfolio and Slipcase built by Mullenberg Designs for Interior Designer Neil Christian

Neil Christian / Salt Lake City / Interior Design

Interior Designer Neil Christian polished off his Presentation with an elegant 3-Piece Portfolio and Slipcase built by Mullenberg Designs. His Portfolio is covered in Arrestox White with a Lantau Nickel accent Spine and Slipcase.

3-Piece style Portfolio with Slipcase

3-Piece Portfolio and Slipcase built by Mullenberg Designs for Interior Designer Neil Christian

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Full Case style Photography Portfolio with Slipcase built by Mullenberg Designs for photographer Saverio Truglia by Mullenberg Designs

Saverio Truglia / Chicago / Photographer

Chicago-based Photographer Saverio Truglia selected the Mullenberg Design’s Full Case Portfolio with a Custom Slipcase. Saverio opted to have two magnesium dies fabricated of his logo to achieve the unique triple logo deboss on his Slipcase.

Full Case Portfolio with Custom Slipcase

Full Case Photography Portfolio with Slipcase built by Mullenberg Designs for Photographer Saverio Truglia

Saverio Truglia / Chicago / Photographer


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Portfolio Presentation / Maine / BookBindery

If you’re in the market for a custom built Print Portfolio Mullenberg Design’s has a custom Presentation Solution for you. We offer 2 distinct styles of Portfolio books. The Full-Case style Portfolio and the 3-Piece style Portfolio. Each of these styles is built with a screw post binding making it easy for you to update and edit your print portfolio.

So… which style is best for you?

Let’s review the differences between the 2 styles to help you make this important decision.

The Mullenberg Designs Full-Case Portfolio

The Full Case Portfolio is also called the 1-Piece Portfolio because the front and back cover and the spine are built as one piece with an interior spine piece insert. This portfolio has the look of a traditional bound book.

Mullenberg Designs Full Case Style Portfolio built for Tarliza Cameiro Schall

You can add a splash of color and personalize your Full Case Portfolio with a 2-Fabric Cover. This customization allows you to control how much of the fabric will wrap around the spine and onto the Portfolio covers. The portfolio pictured below has a 2-Fabric Cover wrap of 3 inches. You can  have as little as an 1/8 of an inch of fabric wrapped onto the front and back covers for just a hint of color.

Mullenberg Designs 2 Fabric Cover Full Case Style Portfolio

The Mullenberg Designs 3-Piece Portfolio

Like the name suggests the 3-Piece Portfolio is built in three separate pieces. The front cover, back cover and the spine. This style works great if would like to add different color spine to your portfolio design. You can also order multiple spines and change out to the spine color for a quick portfolio update! This is also a nice option if you plan on updating your logo in the near future, as you can opt to just build out a new cover.

3-Piece style portfolio built by Mullenberg Designs for Kalena Delima

You can add the 2-Fabric Cover customization to the 3-Piece style as well!

Portfolio Presentation for Jon Sherman Construction Company Built by Mullenberg Designs

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Sara Strimpel / LA / NY / Photographer

Full-Case Portfolio


See Sara Strimpel’s work:

Screen shot 2015-10-20 at 12.26.15 PM

Ty Cole / Brookline / Photographer

3-Piece Style Portfolio


Green: lush and gorgeous, a perfect enclosure for Ty’s spacious photography.

See TY Cole’s work:


Jon Brandon Wooten / Photographer

3-Piece Portfolio


Matthew D’Annunzio / Portland OR / Photographer

Full Case Portofino Portfolio IMG_2869

Matthew D’Annunzio

Screen shot 2015-09-24 at 4.56.23 PM