Trevor Reid / Boston / Photographer

Boston Photographer Trevor Reid’s 3-Piece Portfolio and matching Custom Slipcase are covered in one of our fav fabrics, buckram stone. This highly textured fabric was paired with a rust red spine for a classically hip look that speaks of the impeccable style that Bostonians are famous for.

Full Case Portfolio with Custom Slipcase

Trevor Reid/ Boston/ Photographer

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Branding: Your Identity

Branding: Your identity

Ever wonder how we customize each Portfolio with your unique brand identity?

Mullenberg Designs uses a hot stamping press to brand each Custom Portfolio. A heated magnesium die is pressed into your Portfolio cover sinking your Logo into the surface and creating a deboss or impression. We get our magnesium dies fabricated in Michigan using the logo file you send us. The color is achieved using colored foils.

mullenberg designs_logo branding dies

for more info on your Logo file go to Prepping your Logo file

Helpful Tip* Branding your Portfolio

*Legibility matters! Using a typeface that is hard to read or a logo that incorporates complex artwork can retract from the impact of your Custom Print Portfolio. Remember your portfolio functions to sell you and your work. A logo with legible name helps the viewer retain a visual memory of your name; they are more likely to remember your work if they can remember your name.