John Kealey / NYC-CA / Photographer

3-Piece Portfolio and Custom Slipcase built for Photographer John Kealey. The 3-Piece style Portfolio is a great choice of you want to include a dynamic color in your portfolio presentation. John’s 3-piece spine is covered in Sky-Blue Linen.

3-Piece Portfolio and Custom Slipcase


Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 12.16.35 PM


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Feature: Photographer Rick Wenner

Rick Wenner, an editorial & commercial portrait photographer based in Long Island, New York has been a long time customer at Mullenberg Designs. It’s a real treat to see his prints in person here in the studio. Most of the time we don’t see the prints that our clients add to their portfolios. However, because Rick uses a gloss paper for his prints he has us make custom fabric hinges for each print. This ensures that his images lay exquisitely flat in his portfolio.

Check out some of our favorite prints from Rick’s Portfolio:

Rick Wenner/ NY / Photographer/ 3-Piece Portfolio


See More of Rick’s work on his site:

Screen Shot 2017-06-27 at 2.57.10 PM

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Camille Tokerud / Brooklyn / Photographer

Lifestyle Photographer Camille Tokerud selected bright and cheerful cialux yellow to cover her 3-Piece style Portfolio. A bold and beautiful choice, prefect to present her energetic photography.

3-Piece Style Presentation Portfolio

Camille Tokerud Mullenberg Designs Photographer Portfolio

Camille Tokerud / Brooklyn / Lifestyle Photography

Camille Tokerud / Brooklyn / Photographer

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Philip F. Clark / NYC / Poet

Philip is a wonderful Poet and a dear friend of Mullenberg Designs. So naturally we were more than happy to build a house for his collection of Poems: The Carnival of Affection.

Clamshell Box with Drop-in Logo

exterior in progress…

Philip F Clark Mullenberg Designs Clamshell Presentation Box

Philip F Clark Poet Clamshell Presentation Box built by Mullenberg DesignsPhilip F. Clark / NYC / Poet

An Orphan of Fire

I am an orphan of fire and

a seer eye; a rank coil

of panic rummaging

in a satchel of curses

and curiosity.

I break your flesh

and make music

on the harp of your bones.

To love me back requires

an avid mouth.

Longing is the air I eat.

-Philip F. Clark

Read more of Philip’s Poetry: The Poet’s Grin

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