Sonia Baltodano/ Product Designer #Portfolio

Product designer Sonia Baltodano came to us to build a portfolio and slipcase. Sonia selected Iris smoke from our line of italian fabrics for her 3-piece portfolio covers. The 2-color de bossing in yellow and white introduce the viewer to the understated sophistication of the designs inside. Sonia’s slipcase is covered in Slate Gray Linen from our line of coated fabrics. These fabrics are more durable, protecting the slipcase that houses Sonia’s portfolio. Sonia added sanded mylar endsheets for a professional finish and to protect her prints. Sonia worked with Wolf Prints in NYC , we don’t always get to see the contents of the portfolios in person. This time we were lucky to get a glimpse:

Mulleberg Designs_Baltodano_custom portfolio_03
Mullenberg Designs_Baltodano_custom portfolio_01 Mullenberg Designs_Baltodano_custom portfolio_02