Style: 3-Piece or Full Case Portfolio?

Mullenberg Designs offers Portfolio books in 2 distinct styles. The 3-Piece and The Full Case style Portfolio. We often get asked which one we recommend; What are the advantages of one over the other? Well, we love them both. They cost the same and are both built with screw post bindings making them equally easy to get into, to add or remove images.

So how do you choose one? Here are some images and features of both styles to help you with this important decision.

The 3-Piece:

As its name suggests the 3-Piece style Portfolio is built in three separate components: a front cover, back cover, and a separate spine. The separate spine piece allows you to add a splash of bold color to your exterior design without an additional cost.

The Full Case:

The Full Case style Portfolio has the look of a traditional bound book. It is built in one piece with an interior spine component. This streamlined style can be customized with a 2 fabric cover.

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Camille Tokerud / Brooklyn / Photographer

Lifestyle Photographer Camille Tokerud selected bright and cheerful cialux yellow to cover her 3-Piece style Portfolio. A bold and beautiful choice, prefect to present her energetic photography.

3-Piece Style Presentation Portfolio

Camille Tokerud Mullenberg Designs Photographer Portfolio

Camille Tokerud / Brooklyn / Lifestyle Photography

Camille Tokerud / Brooklyn / Photographer

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